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Do you have a classic vehicle in good condition? Do you have a super sports car? By signing up to VAGUE GAIN, you will be able to take advantage of an earning opportunity. We operate throughout the Lombardy region. 


From weddings to photo shoots, vintage or super sports cars evoke a sense of elegance and style at any type of event. Owners of these fantastic vehicles will now be able to benefit from the services offered by VAGUE GAIN; a platform that boasts vehicles of all kinds: from vintage Rolls Royces to modern Ferraris.


VAGUE GAIN offers earning opportunities for any model of vintage or super sports car. 

By subscribing to VAGUE GAIN you will give prestige to your vintage vehicle. 

The owners of the car have complete autonomy of choice regarding the rental, the choice of the event or the specific job for which the vehicle was requested. 

Furthermore, the owners can monitor the car throughout the entire event for which the vehicle was requested. In addition, you can also earn by volunteering as a driver. 

Owners of vintage cars therefore have the opportunity to convert their hobby into a much more profitable pastime. A source of income that will allow you to keep your vehicle in excellent condition so you can fully enjoy its features but also for any purchases aimed at enriching your collection in the future.

Amortize the costs of your classic car by creating your profile on VAGUE GAIN for free.


Vehicle owners can receive up to 30 reservations per year. 

Some owners have managed to recover up to 2-3 times the cost of their cars by relying on VAGUE GAIN. You will still retain the freedom to use your vehicle for personal purposes. 



Several young married couples choose to rent a vintage car or a super sports car that can give a romantic, elegant and classy touch to the big day. By taking advantage of VAGUE GAIN's services, vehicle owners will have access to the wedding party market which currently constitutes an important earning opportunity. Furthermore, through your car you will help make the wedding of a young couple special who will then be able to enjoy a luxury service.

A convertible sports car, for example, is ideal for a summer wedding. 

On there is a market for every model of vintage or super sports car. 

Owners can also act as drivers, becoming part of a special event. Without a doubt, the photographer will take advantage of the design and style of your camera to embellish your wedding photos. Jaguar, Cadillac, Bentley... Every vehicle will get the attention it deserves thanks to VAGUE GAIN!


With VAGUE GAIN you will have the opportunity to have new experiences as well as increase your income. Film productions are always looking for vehicles that can best adapt to the scenography proposed for a certain film: from the 1930s car suitable for a gangster film, to the sports vehicles required for music videos or commercials.

VAGUE GAIN will help you attract customers through multiple uses: trade shows and exhibitions. Event organizers are aware of the fact that vintage cars pique the public's attention, especially if they have a certain history that distinguishes them. Owners can also contribute in this sense by explaining the past and anecdotes regarding the vehicle. 


As happens in the wedding reception market, there are various earning opportunities connected to a vintage car or a super sports car. From proms to company parties, your vehicle can make an important contribution to bringing style and elegance to large events. 

Owners have the opportunity to participate personally as drivers.

The addition of a vintage car can make the experience of participating in an event unforgettable, contributing to the creation of a classy atmosphere that participants will remember for a long time. Thanks to VAGUE GAIN, you will be able to rent out your vehicle regardless of whether you have a sports or vintage car. 

By using the platform, your machine will enjoy the attention of potential customers who are looking for something special for their events. In this way, vehicle owners can amortize the investment made for the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle and will also have the opportunity to share their passion with a very large audience.

ERNIA - Bella Fregatura

22 nov 2022 - “Non so fare programmi nel presente né per sempre e far coincidere tutto non è facile per niente”, dopo Superclassico, Nuda, Ferma a guardare, 10 ragazze, Pensavo di ucciderti, Paranoia mia fino a Sparami arriva “Bella Fregatura” dall’album “Io non ho paura” di Ernia, n rapper di Milano classe 1993. Nonostante la sua giovane età, si è già reso protagonista di una carriera degna di nota che l’ha portato ad essere amato dai giovani e dai meno giovani.


18 ott 2022 - Continua la collaborazione con l'agenzia, questa volta l'artista Sangiovanni ha lanciato il suo nuovo brano, Fluo. Un titolo che non è certo casuale visto che i colori, specie quelli accesi, vibranti, sono un tutt'uno con la personalità del cantante, uscito dall'esercito di talenti di Amici di Maria De Filippi.


19 apr 2021 - "Lauro" è il sesto album in studio del cantautore italiano Achille Lauro, pubblicato il 16 aprile 2021 dall'etichetta discografica Warner Music. All'interno troviamo il singolo con lo stesso nome dell'album dove è presente la nostra Ford Mustang coupé rossa del 1968.

TANANAI - Esagerata

3 dic 2021 - Tananai si è classificato al secondo posto in Sanremo Giovani con "Esagerata", dove troviamo la nostra Jaguar XJS Convertible 1994. Con il suo brano Tananai accede a Sanremo 2022 sezione Big, conquistando uno dei tre posti disponibili nella Kermesse musicale condotta da Amadeus.

TOD'S - T Timeless

19 mar 2021 - Pubblicità TOD'S

FREETOX - Cashback con Targa

27 mag 2022 - Pubblicità FreeToX

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